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Keeping track of your images and other media files can be a tedious task. There are tools available that will help you, both free and expensive ones. The free ones are too limited and will soon be outgrown. The expensive ones are complex and often forces you to work in a way that doesn't suit you. This is where QPict comes into play.

QPict offers an attractive and inexpensive way to view, organize, search and batch process all your media files. Our media database engine supports common standards such as IPTC, XML and EXIF and supports many different media file formats including images, movie clips, fonts, RAW images and sounds. QPict is equally well suited for both professional and home usage. In fact many are switching from more expensive solutions to QPict due to the flexibility, speed and ease of use you just cannot find anywhere else. But don't just take our word for it, try it out yourself with our free 20 day trial. Join a community of a large number of dedicated users.

View With Style
Media files can be viewed in a number of different ways; thumbnails, thumbnails with extra information, list view, media view in window, media view in full-screen, slideshow. Several slideshows can be run in parallel on different monitors, great for putting your media on display.

Finding Your Files
With the ever growing number of images and other media files we collect the importance of finding the ones we need is crucial. With QPict you can add a large number of different annotations to each media file. All these fields can be searched with the advanced search tool. The search settings can be saved for easy access through the contextual menu.

Working With RAW Images
Many professionals prefer to work with RAW images instead of JPEG or TIFF. The RAW files preserves the all data from the sensor in the camera, other formats trims this data down and compresses the result. QPict has great RAW support for over 200 different camera brands and models. With QPict you can view, catalog and convert RAW image files with a breeze. You might need to send a bunch of RAW images in JPEG format with a lower resolution to a client. With QPict it is just a matter of using the export option, setting up the desired resolution and destination and hit "Export". You can even export the untouched RAW data as a 48-bit TIFF or PNG for post processing in another application.

The Next Best Thing After The Camera
If you own a digital camera you don't want to miss out on this piece of software. QPict integrates perfectly with your digital camera with exceptional ease of use. Just connect the camera and your images will be transferred in a snap. Disconnect the camera when you're prompted to do so. Unlike many other media asset management applications QPict not only supports JPEG images from the camera but also supports RAW file formats from almost any camera out there. AVI and MOV files are transferred and playable within QPict.

Works The Way You Want
Recognizing the vastly different needs each user has QPict is designed from the ground up to be customizable in every way. Choose exactly how you want to view your images and which fields you need to view and edit. You can even create your own customized search and batch commands and add them to the toolbar. Almost everything can be customized both per index and globally. Visible fields/data can be individually customized per view (index view, extended view and list view) and is stored in each media database. Background patterns, window size and position, scroll position and thumbnail sizes are also stored per index. This ensures that a database looks and feels the same between sessions.

Information Everywhere
QPict extracts and displays a large amount of information about each media files. This information can be viewed in a number of different ways. QPict works with EXIF information from digital cameras and IPTC (Adobe PhotoShop™ compatible) for annotations. All information stored internally in a database can be exported to an XML file for interoperability with other applications.

The Batch Processor -
A Truly Unique Feature

One of the most powerful features in QPict is the possibility to batch process thousands of media files in one single operation. Use the batch processor to assign annotations, rename files, copy annotations from one field to another, rotate & flip media, copy or move media files, set up destinations for quickly sorting images into folders with a keypress etc. The batch process settings can be saved for easy access through the Actions menu or the contextual menu. No other product comes close to the power, ease of use and flexibility of the batch processor in QPict. Other products solutions are either very limited or resorts to force the user into writing complex scripts.

Protecting Your Media
Your media files are important and often irreplaceable. Important enough to protect them as much as possible. You can password protect each individual index file. With the kiosk mode you are able to put your work on display in public places without worrying about anyone messing with the computer. In kiosk mode the computer is locked in full screen mode and only viewing is possible. When your hard-drive fills up you can archive selected media files to external media such as DVD or CD-ROM.

Media Files Where You Want Them
Forget about proprietary databases that enforces you to store your valuable media files in a closed file format. Forget about solutions where all your media files must be stored in one single and potentially slow database. With QPict you have all the options to work the way that suits you. If you want to create several databases and work with them all at the same time or you want to leave your media files where they are (on your hard-drive, a server, CD or DVD) and only create an index of them QPict can do that for you. If you have all your media files in a database and go somewhere QPict is not available you can still access your files.

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Latest News

August 22, 2012

QPict 7.2.2 is now available with compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8.


Users Rave

The more time we spent with QPict, the more impressed we were. There's depth and elegance to its design. The depth means you won't quickly outgrow it. The elegance means you will actually use the program. We suspect you won't even have to develop the habit. It will be as routine and indispensable as copying images from your camera.

The Imaging Resource Review

Absolute workhorse. It does exactly what it claims to do, does it fast, reliably.

Versiontracker Reader Review

I want a image browser that can surf through my enormous photo database quickly. Believe me, I tried all other similar programs on macupdate, and QPict is what I finally end up with. It's extremely fast and very easy to navigate. Highly recommended.

MacUpdate Reader Review

I've been using your excellent program for several months now, as my primary sorting tool for thousands of Canon D30 images. Frankly, yours is the only usable program I know of for dealing with CRW files on OSX. Good work, and thanks.
Kobi Eshun


What´s New in 7.0?

• Source List
• Organizer List
• New User Guide
• Combo boxes with recent meta data
• Auto complete for input fields
• Option to view fullscreen on secondary display
• Search field in toolbar
• Browse rtfd text files for graphical contents
• Improved support for very large images
• Improved display of small media files in index window
• Shift-click to select range of items
• Meta data now written to media file
• Meta data now retained when exporting
• Exporting RAW files to jpeg now preserves EXIF
• Universal Binary
• List view major improvements
• Improved contextual menu in Index view
• Improved contextual menu in Media view
• Rating field support
• Rating as a search criteria
• Batch process rating (change,increase,decrease)
• Batch process priority (change,increase,decrease)
• Improved performance opening and working with very large indexes
• Keywords and Categories editable in list view
• Improved RAW support, support for more camera models
• True 16 bit processing of RAW files
• Browser auto-show in fullscreen index mode
• Play sound when stepping from last to first image in index
• Keyboard shortcut changes
• Option to show and hide file extensions
• Index with active tasks can now be closed
• Reveal Selection command
• Support for Minolta .jpe files
• Support for the .dv file extension
• Support for the .qt file extension
• Support for .3gp files
• Support for the .wmf extension
• Support for Canon EOS-1D Mark II RAW files
• Improved handling of corrupt media
• Option to validate media before access
• Avi files are recognized as supported by QPict in Finder
• Support for orientation tag in Canon RAW files
• Support for Sigma RAW (Foveon)