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QPict 7 comes packed with over 50 new features. We have tried to capture some of them in the following section. Please note though that this is only a small selection.

  • Universal Binary
  • Meta Data Organizer
  • Source List
  • Integrated toolbar search
  • Extended support for Camera RAW files
  • Support for more media file formats
  • Rating field support
  • Support for multiple displays
  • Saving meta data into media file
  • True 16bit processing of RAW images
  • Automatic detection of corrupt media files

New Design - New Ways To Work
QPict 7 introduces new ways to organize and work with your media files that will improve the user experience and flexibility. QPict has always been one of the most powerful software available when it comes to functionality and flexibility. Now we have made all that power really easy to use. Previously you could use the powerful Actions window to do what you wanted, now you can also do most things simply by clicking and dragging files. It's just as easy as moving files between folders in the Finder.

Working with QPict 7 is very easy - select a folder or index file you want to work with from the Source List. If you want to see all media files with a specific keyword, click on it in the Organizer List. If you want to assign keywords, categories or other meta data simply drag the thumbnails from the index area onto the items in the organizer list.

The Source List
The Source List is global and contains the same items for all index windows. By selecting volume, folder or index from the source list, the contents of that item will open in the index area. If you want to browse for media files you can just navigate through the source list and select the folder or volume you want to see. The Source List keeps track of recently opened folders and index files. In the bottom part of the Source List you can add your own favorite folders, index files and volumes for quick access.

The Toolbar
The toolbar in QPict 7 has a cleaner design and easy to use buttons for hiding and showing the source list and organizer list. It now also contains a search field for quickly searching for media files.

The Organizer List
The most important addition to QPict 7 is the Organizer List. With the Organizer List you can use drag and drop to apply meta data. You can click on a keyword or any other meta data to only show those media files in the index. You can change the meta data by clicking in the name part and rename it. To add the keyword "Night" to media files you simply select them in the index area and drag them onto "Night". To add a new keyword, drag your media files onto the "Keywords" folder and enter the new keyword. Adding meta data has never been so quick and easy!

There are other really helpful folders in the Organizer List such as the "Kind" folder:

QPict automatically groups all your media files based on their filetype.

The "Name" folder is very clever, it groups all your media files based on their filenames, regardless of filetype. Example: The files "01Car.jpg" "Car-33.pdf" "" all appears in the group "Car".



User Guide
We have created a completely new User Guide. Check it out and see many other new features of QPict 7.

Naturally there are much more to say about this new version. Give it a spin and tell us what you think!

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Changes [7.2.2]

Bug fixes

• Improved stability running under Mac OS X 10.8


Changes [7.1]

New Features
• Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5
• Support for over 250 RAW file formats
• Improved EXIF support for RAW
• Auto rotate of RAW files
• Changed layout and improved appearance of source list
• Sorting retained when using organizer list
• Mounted volumes are only accessed when suorce list is visible
• Downloads folder (Mac OS X 10.5) listed in source list
• XML export optimized

Bug fixes
• Text input sometimes failed for some characters
• Not possible to save index under rare circumstances
• Toolbar icons lost when chaning display mode
• Improved handling of incorrect EXIF dates
• File creation and modification dates incorrectly changed when saving meta data
• Filtype frequently shown as "Preview Document" on Mac OS X 10.5

New Features [7.0]

• Source List
• Organizer List
• New
User Guide
• Combo boxes with recent meta data
• Auto complete for input fields
• Option to view fullscreen on secondary display
• Search field in toolbar
• Browse rtfd text files for graphical contents
• Improved support for very large images
• Improved display of small media files in index window
• Shift-click to select range of items
• Meta data now written to media file
• Meta data now retained when exporting
• Exporting RAW files to jpeg now preserves EXIF
• Universal Binary
• List view major improvements
• Improved contextual menu in Index view
• Improved contextual menu in Media view
• Rating field support
• Rating as a search criteria
• Batch process rating (change,increase,decrease)
• Batch process priority (change,increase,decrease)
• Improved performance opening and working with very large indexes
• Keywords and Categories editable in list view
• Improved RAW support, support for more camera models
• True 16 bit processing of RAW files
• Browser auto-show in fullscreen index mode
• Play sound when stepping from last to first image in index
• Keyboard shortcut changes
• Option to show and hide file extensions
• Index with active tasks can now be closed
• Reveal Selection command
• Support for Minolta .jpe files
• Support for the .dv file extension
• Support for the .qt file extension
• Support for .3gp files
• Support for the .wmf extension
• Support for Canon EOS-1D Mark II RAW files
• Improved handling of corrupt media
• Option to validate media before access
• Avi files are recognized as supported by QPict in Finder
• Support for orientation tag in Canon RAW files
• Support for Sigma RAW (Foveon)

and more...